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The Empty Glass.

NGOTB. You've got style. You've got personality. But the pop packaging needs some work. Welcome Real Time Wine Fan! Cheers!

You like wine, but you have been known to mix it with Coke from time to time. That's ok. At Real Time Wine, we're all about keeping it real. Keep checking in and sharing your wine. People are listening... You're about to be called an "influencer" or something...

Whopaaa! Finding great wine is like the Wild West. Some people shoot. You shoot and score. From coast to coast, you're the Wino in the know. When a problem needs solving, when a wine needs choosing, when your people are on a budget - they turn to the Bottle Bandits.

"The path of the Warrior is lifelong, and mastery is often simply staying on the path." - Richard Heckler. People listen when you talk. You don't offer wisdom, you offer action. You exude gravitas, not gravy. We salute you, Warrior of the Wine Aisle.

It's not personal. It's strictly business. You lead your followers like a family; feeding them the best wine and inviting them to the best events. You are the social occasion. The wine, it just works for you.

Our guiding light. Drinking wine with you elicits more moans than the front row at an Aphrodite concert. Your frenzied fans will follow you into the dawn. Congratulations. You have arrived.